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The School Thing

We all know through media of all kinds that schools have been largely closed to in-school classes at all levels. Some are slowly opening but kids from elementary through college are not yet in school fulltime. We also are learning that the affect on students has been great – negatively so. Just think about your…

Just do It

Remember that saying from Nike? I have found that it applies to a lot of things in life. Right now it particularly applies to getting a VACCINE! There seems to be some reluctance out in our world to get the vaccine that will keep us from contracting Covid. I remember back when all children had…

The Covid 10

This isn’t about the virus – it’s about those pounds we have managed to add being cooped up for so long. But what snacking does is remind me of the great times I’ve had with family and friends, especially Alb, going out for dinner and finding a new wine or a new taste treat. Remember…

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