Welcome to Connie’s new blog. Really pleased to have you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t need to be asked twice to give my opinion. But I started this blog to encourage others to respond. Let me know and anyone who reads this blog know what you think. These days we find it more and more difficult to express what we think – we actually are seeing differences of opinion being discouraged. That’s not good.

I hope this blog gives us all the opportunity to say what we think, how we are feeling and respect our differences. I spent over 20 years in politics as an elected Commissioner for the Port of Tacoma. I learned that I had a lot to learn. So I asked a lot of questions and often changed my position because of new information I learned by Listening – Imagine that!!!

So, come see my blog sometimes. Give your opinion. Comment on mine. That way, maybe, we can start a dialogue that will be mutually beneficial.

See you soon right here. Thanks for coming.


  1. Lesli Lockwood says:

    Looking forward to hearing from you! Hopefully, this Southerner can participate from time to time!


    1. abacon8217 says:

      Les, Thanks for coming to my blog Bryce is helping me figure it out. Fun. More soon Hugs


  2. abacon8217 says:

    Miss Leslie. Loved having your comment, the very first one. ❤️


  3. Sandy Tommervik says:

    This is great. Looking forward to your posts


    1. abacon8217 says:

      Hey Sandy thanks for coming to my blog. Being in all the time one has to do something, right? More soon. Best, C


  4. Judi Anderson Doremus says:

    This is great Connie! I look forward to the dialogue!


    1. abacon8217 says:

      Hey Judi Thanks for coming on my blog Trust all is well with you – as a grandma now, right? Enjoy More soon Hugs


  5. Ginny Douglas says:

    Glad you got this started!! Great job!!


    1. abacon8217 says:

      Hey Bryce is helping me figure this all out so now I can read comments WooHoo More soon Love ya


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