Just do It

Remember that saying from Nike? I have found that it applies to a lot of things in life. Right now it particularly applies to getting a VACCINE!

There seems to be some reluctance out in our world to get the vaccine that will keep us from contracting Covid. I remember back when all children had to have the small pox vaccine to go to school. Then small pox was largely extinct around the world because of the vaccination. So it is somewhat a wonder that so many appear to be hesitant to get rid of this Covid plague that has changed our lives and not for the good. I have yet to hear or read anything that suggests that having the vaccine is a real risk. Like so many other stuff that we take, there is always a small risk to anything that we put in our bodies, even some foods cause allergies in some people. But the benefit so far outweighs the risk that, if we are ever to be able to go where we please, see whom we please, get our kids in school and ourselves out of the house, then GET THE VACCINE!

So that’s that message for today. What’s your opinion?

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