The School Thing

We all know through media of all kinds that schools have been largely closed to in-school classes at all levels. Some are slowly opening but kids from elementary through college are not yet in school fulltime. We also are learning that the affect on students has been great – negatively so.

Just think about your own college experience, for instance. You looked forward to at last being on your own, going to class, participating in extra-curricular activities, making new friends, staying in contact with old friends and just having the college experience. That is not happening to our college students today. They are not going to class, they cannot connect with either new or old friends, extra-curricular activities are not meeting and they are stuck, stuck where they live, taking classes, such as they are, on line, no social interaction, no college experience. They are being robbed of their much anticipated college life. And by the way, if they had planned on a semester abroad or any such experience, that is down the drain too. And similar isolation and desocialization is happening to high schoolers, many missing out on proms, graduation ceremonies, all the things that create lifelong memories and friendships.

So, what’s to be done? The simple answer, is get the kids back in classrooms and open activities like they expected. Science tells us that the risk is small if not negligible, that going back to class and activities, living education as it should be, bodes small risk. So, my opinion for the day, is for goodness sake, go back to school and now.

And what do we do to make up for the loss that students of all ages have weathered this last year and more? I honestly don’t know. But let’s not add any more anguish to their lives than they have already experienced.

Teachers, insist on going back to the classroom, Administrators, open your schools. It is past time!!!!!

Just do It

Remember that saying from Nike? I have found that it applies to a lot of things in life. Right now it particularly applies to getting a VACCINE!

There seems to be some reluctance out in our world to get the vaccine that will keep us from contracting Covid. I remember back when all children had to have the small pox vaccine to go to school. Then small pox was largely extinct around the world because of the vaccination. So it is somewhat a wonder that so many appear to be hesitant to get rid of this Covid plague that has changed our lives and not for the good. I have yet to hear or read anything that suggests that having the vaccine is a real risk. Like so many other stuff that we take, there is always a small risk to anything that we put in our bodies, even some foods cause allergies in some people. But the benefit so far outweighs the risk that, if we are ever to be able to go where we please, see whom we please, get our kids in school and ourselves out of the house, then GET THE VACCINE!

So that’s that message for today. What’s your opinion?

The Covid 10

This isn’t about the virus – it’s about those pounds we have managed to add being cooped up for so long. But what snacking does is remind me of the great times I’ve had with family and friends, especially Alb, going out for dinner and finding a new wine or a new taste treat. Remember that?

When we spent time living in France in the 80’s, one favorite wine we found in the region was Chateauneuf du Pape. The wineries could only bottle a certain number and call it Chateauneuf. The rest was bottled for local consumption from barrels at the winery. As temporary residents, we could go to the winery and bring our jug. They filled the jog from the barrels for just a few French francs. This wine is pretty expensive in the US because it is in limited supply.

Another French find was Sancerre, a white wine that we really liked. That was expensive even in France and is more so here. It was a treat to splurge occasionally.

But all was not lost because in recent years we discovered L’Authentique, a French red table wine which Trade Joe carries most of the time. Now that is a good red wine, actually my favorite

One more great find we had on a cruise is a white pinot gris from Italy called Danzante. So far we can only find it on cruises on Holland America.

Needless to say, the food accompanying these wine finds, was delish. These backflashes to culinary delights is what whets the whistle when it comes to thinking about food and when dinner out is not easily accessible, if accessible at all. So, back to the peanut butter for now with hopes for a future when we can return to culinary adventures. Bet you have some mouth watering memories too. Would love to hear about them!

Welcome to Connie’s new blog. Really pleased to have you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t need to be asked twice to give my opinion. But I started this blog to encourage others to respond. Let me know and anyone who reads this blog know what you think. These days we find it more and more difficult to express what we think – we actually are seeing differences of opinion being discouraged. That’s not good.

I hope this blog gives us all the opportunity to say what we think, how we are feeling and respect our differences. I spent over 20 years in politics as an elected Commissioner for the Port of Tacoma. I learned that I had a lot to learn. So I asked a lot of questions and often changed my position because of new information I learned by Listening – Imagine that!!!

So, come see my blog sometimes. Give your opinion. Comment on mine. That way, maybe, we can start a dialogue that will be mutually beneficial.

See you soon right here. Thanks for coming.